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About Shift

  • Learn about how Shift does corporate transport

    We offer the best corporate mobility service, joining technology and commitment, with work as well as with the environment. Shift is ready for any situation and always respects the choices of each of our customers.

    • Diversified company fleet
    • 24/7 service
    • National and international coverage
    • Units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Atibaia
    • Latest generation systems

  • Mission

    To provide customers with a unique passenger transport experience, always guaranteeing safety, agility and savings. In addition, we help companies grow by valuing their teams and respecting society and the environment.

  • Vision

    To be the best company working in the segment and to be a reference in the passenger transport market.

  • Values

    To always provide the best customer service. To value relations with employees and partners. Transparency and ethics.

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Luxury Sedan

Up to 3 people
2 bags

Armored Sedan

Up to 3 people
2 bags


Up to 6 people
5 bags

Luxury Van

Up to 13 people
10 bags

Luxury Microbus

Up to 30 people
20 bags

Luxury Bus

Up to 50 people
50 bags

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São Paulo  (11) 2039-1139
(11) 94882-1000
Rio de Janeiro  (21) 3199-0950
New York  +1 (347) 983-0092